regret ni mierda
17.Adriana Andrade. Escritora sin libros, Recolectora de datos irrelevantes; de vez en cuando pienso que sé dibujar. Amante de la música y la libertad.ㅤㅤㅤ
“As a child I dreamt of becoming an astronaut, now I create a universe myself”

Adrien Sahores attempting to explain the act of ‘walking down a runway’ to the lesser models backstage at Alexis Mabille S/S 2012.

Heidi, episode 3: “In the Meadow”

“I was sixteen, laying on my bedroom floor, choking on your goodbye and cigarette smoke with the 98 degree weather burning tears into my cheeks, screaming for my mother because I figured this was it, I was going to die without you because if I couldn’t wake up and see you sleepily mumbling my name into my hair I didn’t want to wake up at all.
I was seventeen, shaky breath, shaky knees, tired lungs and wet hair but I wasn’t drowning like last summer”

— I thought I couldn’t live without you but you were nothing more than a good morning text and someone to pass out next to  (via extrasad)

Sketchbook ~ Chihiro rendition

A brick in one of the plazas in my town….really makes me wonder who put it there and why.

Photo of model/actress Jaime King by the late photographer and pioneer of “heroin chic” Davide Sorrenti.

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j’ai tué ma mère (2009)